A master of his trade, Marcel Bonito conceptualized and founded Rooms 2 Grow. With a keen interest in horticulture, his skills, knowledge and experience has allowed his company to flourish to unparalleled heights. Coupled with a voracious appetite for learning, Marcel's passion for growing just about anything compelled him to experiment with the art and science of agriculture. At the age of 17 he began designing and building grow rooms of varying sizes and environments, and honed his craft over years of trial and error. With diligence, professional alliances and a commitment to fulfilling his customers needs, Marcel developed his company into what it is today. Always on the forefront of new products and techniques, he is a fountain of knowledge, and possesses an electrical license to compliment his true calling. Marcel is a devoted father, consummate professional and enthusiastic business owner. He continuously strives to refine and expand Rooms 2 Grow in order to provide his clients with the most outstanding hydroponic agricultural system products and services. Just like the shipping container gardens, grow rooms and greenhouse structures Rooms 2 Grow engineers and produces, Marcel has yielded nothing but prosperity and excellence. With a positive attitude and a zest for life, it would be his pleasure to meet you!

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