Rooms 2 Grow specializes in the design and build of indoor and outdoor hydroponic horticultural systems, including grow rooms, greenhouse structures and shipping container gardens. Our company is completely licensed and insured to design and build our exceptional interior and subterranean grow rooms, shipping container gardens, and greenhouse structures at each of our clients' locations. Our design and build services are custom tailored to meet the needs of all clients, including those with physical challenges. Building rooms that are wheelchair friendly, installing automatic door openers or large entry push buttons are just a few options we can provide. So as to ensure that we fully meet the expectations of our valuable clients, our grow system design and build process consists of 7 comprehensive phases:


Rooms 2 Grow's knowledgeable agricultural system experts will place your needs first and brainstorm system design and build concepts with you. Taking your budget into consideration, we consider all options including agricultural system size, location, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, humidity control, odor control, plumbing, electrical, noise vibration harshness (NVH), thermal imaging, insect and other pest control, mold control, lighting, monitoring etc. We will provide you with a selection of pre-existing system floorplans to choose from, or we can custom design grow system floorplans for your home or commercial settings unique requirements. For uninterrupted power service, we offer both stand-alone and fully-automated generators in diesel, fuel, propane and natural gas styles. Our complimentary quote will include not only the estimated cost of your subterranean or above-ground grow room, greenhouse structure or shipping container garden, but also a breakdown of each cost, and a projected timeline and date of completion of your project. Once you have consented to and signed our contract, the next phase can begin.


Rooms 2 Grow's electrical, plumbing and construction professionals love doing a great job, and aim to do your job right! Your water and power consumption needs should be assessed, and our electricians and plumber’s expertise will help to ensure maximum results in an efficient space that accommodates your indoor or outdoor growing needs for years to come. Should a utilities service upgrade be necessary, they help you take the steps to plan ahead for your new plumbing or electrical requirements. Rooms 2 Grow prides itself on using the most current technology in the hydroponic agricultural system industry. Equipment such as room meters, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide measuring devices, oxygen meters, parabolic anodization meters, Co2 data loggers, light spectrum meters, kilowatt meters, sound meter data loggers, brix meters and thermal imaging cameras determine a variety of information pertinent to the healthy growth of your high-yield crops. This important equipment measures the temperature, electrical conductivity and pH of atmosphere, soil and water, provides full chemical analysis, and provides a variety of other very useful data. A security system is paramount for the safety and protection of your new greenhouse structure, shipping container garden or grow room. For your peace of mind, our security systems feature closed circuit television cameras, night vision capable cameras, internet connected systems, automated door latches and locks, fail secure mechanisms, silent and audible alarms and/or fingerprint access. One of our experienced construction experts will be exclusively assigned to you, in order to initiate the build of your greenhouse structure, shipping container garden or grow room project. Your hydroponic agricultural system will be installed on-time and within budget, and it will be done right the first time to ensure that your grow system operation is successful! Rooms 2 Grow guarantees that all of your projects construction, security, technology, electrical and plumbing work is executed in full compliance to industry codes and standards.


Once your new outdoor or indoor hydroponic shipping container garden, grow room or greenhouse structure has been fully assembled, multiple tests will be performed on your new agricultural system to determine its operational probability. Should our testing phase reveal any issues, we will troubleshoot them until your grow system is fully operational so that you can enjoy the convenience of home or commercially grown crops.


For both new and existing agricultural systems, Rooms 2 Grow offers a complete maintenance program. Our maintenance program is customizable to suit each of our highly-valued client’s specific needs. For the convenience of our customers, our certified hydroponic grow room, shipping container garden and greenhouse structure technicians are available for maintenance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Rooms 2 Grow wants to ensure that you get the most out of your new grow system, so we provide training on all aspects of your indoor or outdoor shipping container garden, greenhouse structure or grow room. From the proper use of nutrients and monitoring, to lighting, and harvesting, we provide you hands-on instruction, going over each aspect in detail from start to finish, before leaving you to tend to your hydroponic agricultural system on your own. Our goal is to teach you how to run your grow system / grow space as efficiently and optimally as possible.

Disease & pest control

Though Rooms 2 Grow's hydroponic outdoor and indoor agricultural systems are self-contained and closely monitored, there’s a chance that your crop could be infiltrated by disease or pests. These include mites, moths, beetles or other insects, viral, bacterial or fungal diseases, parasites, mold, and many more. Pests and diseases of all types can be very detrimental to an agricultural crop if ignored, or not dealt with effectively. Our team of greenhouse structure, grow room and shipping container garden experts are well-versed in the control, eradication and prevention of these issues, and will improve the health of your crops using non-harmful, organic methods. Not only will we do the work for you, but we will also teach you to do so independently.


You may encounter a problem with your hydroponic grow system, one that is very simple, or very complex. Maybe you have tried to correct the issue, but no matter how hard you try you just cannot figure it out! This can waste your precious time and energy, and may lead to frustration. An expert eye from Rooms 2 Grow can quickly determine problems for you, and correct them so that you can maintain a healthy grow schedule. Regardless of your issue, no matter how large or small, our proficient agricultural system technicians are just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Should you have any questions pertaining to Rooms 2 Grow's agricultural system design and build process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team.

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