Although the use of medicinal marijuana is becoming more common and widespread throughout Canada, there are still a number of negative connotations associated with it, and its source plant cannabis. The perception of an individual who engages in medicinal marijuana use by their family, friends, associates and colleagues may be negative, causing an unfavourable impact on personal and professional relationships. For this reason those who use medicinal marijuana may choose to keep the knowledge of their use to themselves. Cannabis growing equipment, and the plants themselves, are valuable and highly sought after, so for protection its important to keep them in a secure location that is accessible only to their owner.

Whether for personal reasons or security purposes, Rooms 2 Grow respects our client’s privacy and practices full discretion when it comes to the installation, testing, maintenance or troubleshooting of their hydroponic agricultural systems. Our service vehicles are completely free of Rooms 2 Grow logos and advertising, nor do we place advertising of any type on or around your residential or commercial property. We transport our grow system equipment and supplies in nondescript packaging so that we can draw little attention, if any, to our activities. Our company is fully licensed and insured to setup each of our clients' locations. One of our objectives is to keep prying eyes and curious minds focused elsewhere, so that you can benefit from your outdoor or indoor grow room, greenhouse structure or shipping container garden, and the medicinal marijuana it ultimately produces, hassle-free. Because your personal privacy, and your business, are important to us, Rooms 2 Grow is known by our clients not only for our exceptional products and services, but also for our efforts to remain “unknown”.

For more information on Rooms 2 Grow's discretionary principles and guidelines, please get in touch with our helpful staff.

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