For uninterrupted power service to your greenhouse structure, subterranean grow room, shipping container or indoor grow room, Rooms 2 Grow provides generator installation during the design and build process of our hydroponic agricultural systems. In the event of a power outage, within mere seconds our generators will assume the responsibility of providing your grow system the power it requires for healthy, vibrant crop growth. The type of generator installation we conduct depends on our commercial and residential customer’s specific needs. We offer two types of generator installation:

Whole home permanent generator installation

For continuous crop growth and power to your entire indoor or outdoor horticultural system, Rooms 2 Grow's generator installation technicians will promptly install an efficient and effective whole home permanent generator. A vital part of your growing operation, our whole home permanent generators are fully automated and are available in sizes ranging from 22 to 48 kilowatts. Our whole home permanent generators also come in a variety of styles; diesel, propane, natural gas and fuel.

Stand alone portable generator installation

Rooms 2 Grow's stand alone portable generators are available in natural gas, diesel, fuel and propane styles to provide uninterrupted power service for “specific use” areas of your outdoor or indoor agricultural system. Ideal for manual power backup in areas of your grow system that you use most frequently, our stand alone portable generators are a convenient alternative to their whole home permanent generator counterparts.

For dependable power backup you can count on, trust Rooms 2 Grow to provide you with the highest quality generator installation for your grow system. Our hydroponic agricultural systems experts are fully licensed and insured to setup at our client's locations. Your teas, vegetables, herbs, microgreens, garden plants, and flowers will love the continued service that our whole home permanent generators, and stand alone portable generators, delivers to them!

To discover just how our generator installation will benefit you and your commercial or home agricultural system endeavours, get in touch with the indoor and outdoor grow system specialists at Rooms 2 Grow. Don’t forget to ask about our other value-added service capabilities as well!

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