Regardless of the size or type of space you have in your residential or commercial setting, Rooms 2 Grow is capable of building an indoor grow room to suit your specific needs. Our company is licensed and insured to setup each of our clients' locations. Our grow room design is scalable, allowing for both small and large grow rooms to be efficiently constructed. Using our superior project management abilities, we oversee your grow room build from beginning to end, and make sure that we provide you with a finished product that you are 100% satisfied with. From setup to cleanup, our methodical grow room build process involves 7 comprehensive phases to ensure that all aspects of your grow room build are completed on-time and within budget:


We will discuss your needs and budget, and conceptualize grow room design and grow room build ideas with you.


All aspects of grow room build are carefully considered and executed during this hands-on phase, including electrical, plumbing, technology and security.


Once your new grow room has been completely assembled, we will perform multiple tests to determine its operational probability, and troubleshooting will be swiftly completed so that you can enjoy your grow room as soon as possible.


Rooms 2 Grow's post-grow room build maintenance program is customizable to suit your individual needs, and our maintenance services are conveniently available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We teach you how to get the most out of your new grow room build project, from harvesting practices, to efficient lighting and monitoring methods.

Disease & pest control

Rooms 2 Grow's indoor grow rooms are self-contained and closely monitored, but that may not stop damaging pests or diseases from attacking your valuable crop. Our hydroponic agricultural system professionals will not only train you in the science of disease and pest control, but we will promptly help you control, eradicate and prevent these issues, should they arise.


You may experience head-scratching technical issues with your new indoor grow room, so our horticultural system experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, should you have any difficulties that impede your grow room production.

With extensive experience in designing and building indoor grow rooms, Rooms 2 Grow has every detail accounted for. To learn more about our grow room build services, please visit our design and build page. Contact our friendly team of indoor and outdoor hydroponic horticultural system experts with any questions you may have, and to set up an appointment to discuss your new grow room build!

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