Using meals are a terrific way of enriching soil and providing important nutrients such as potassium, iron, nitrogen, phosphorous, calcium and magnesium to your crops. Meals are organic soil mixes that are 100% eco-friendly. At Rooms 2 Grow, we supply our clients with a wide range of meals to choose from:

  • Crab meal
  • Kelp flour OMRI
  • Alfalfa meal organic
  • Barley meal organic
  • Feather meal
  • Soy bean meal
  • Bone meal (2-14-0 bovine source)
  • Blood meal (12-0-0)

All of Rooms 2 Grow's meals can be fermented, or combined with any of our humus, rock dust or teas for custom made organic soil mix that best suits our clients individual needs. Our meals are available for order as single or multiple bags. We ensure that we always provide discrete delivery of our meals, as well as all of our other organic soil mixes, and our indoor grow room, shipping container, greenhouse structure and subterranean grow room agricultural systems.

To learn more about the meals, or other types of organic soil mixes that Rooms to Grow can provide you, please contact our licensed and insured indoor and outdoor hydroponic grow system professionals today.

Organic soil mixes

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