Soil is one of the main components of a healthy, productive crop. Few agricultural system gardeners start off with perfect soil, and eventually great soil becomes depleted of nutrients and organic matter. The best way to maintain productive soil is to constantly amend and replenish it using organic soil mixes. In order for a soil mix to be classified as organic, special sterilization methods are used to eliminate weeds and fungus, thus guaranteeing the purity of the soil. The fertility and moisture content of soil are also measured through organic testing methods. Organic crops are those that are free from man-made fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators or any genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Organic hydroponic agriculture is a systematic approach to crop production that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable, and employs the use of organic soil mixes. Rooms 2 Grow offers a variety of chemical-free, organic soil mixes that, when added to existing soil, provide all the necessary nutrients for the duration of your crop growth:

Our organic soil mixes are available in both small and large size orders, and are sure to suit your specific crop needs and individual tastes.

To explore our selection of organic soil mixes, please browse our website, or get in touch with our knowledgeable hydroponic agricultural system team of specialists. Rooms 2 Grow is completely licensed and insured to setup at each of our clients' locations.

Organic soil mixes

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