Rooms 2 Grow understands that some homeowners and commercial business owners and operators have physical limitations. That’s why we offer the design and construction of subterranean grow rooms, shipping containers, greenhouse structures and indoor grow rooms for disabilities. Our hydroponic agricultural systems can be customized to accommodate the needs of all clients, including those who face physical challenges in their daily lives. A few of the rooms for disabilities design and build service features that we offer are:

  • Easy accessibility for those in wheelchairs or mobility scooters
  • Installation of automatic door openers
  • Easy accessibility for those who use walkers, crutches or canes
  • Installation of large entry push buttons
  • And more

The licensed and insured outdoor and indoor horticultural system specialists at Rooms 2 Grow take pride in helping all people reach their crop growing potential. Give us a call to learn more about our rooms for disabilities services, or any of the other value-added service capabilities that we provide.

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