Shipping containers are reusable storage units used for the transportation of products and raw materials. At any given time there are approximately 17 million shipping containers in the world, several million of which have been discarded due to the high cost of shipping them back to their port of origin. In an effort to reduce our environmental footprint, and provide affordable and effective grow system solutions, Rooms 2 Grow engineers and manufactures shipping containers for the vertical, organic, all-season growing of fresh produce, tea, herbs, flowers, microgreens, or plants. For residential and commercial gardeners / farmers who were looking for pre-fabricated or custom-designed modular growing systems, until recently their options were very limited. They had to settle on a traditional shipping container that lacked many of the features and benefits that modern agriculture requires:


A standard shipping container size is approximately 8’ wide, by 8 1/2’ high, by 40’ long, which doesn’t provide much room to construct the interior components necessary for the growing of healthy, high-yield crops. This traditional space and size limitation only allows for crop growing on a single level, thus limiting potential plant growth. At Rooms 2 Grow, our shipping containers are available in a vast array of shapes, sizes and configurations, allowing for ample space in which to grow your vegetables, fruit, herbs, microgreens, teas, flowers, or plants. Commercial and residential growers can easily double their yield with just one of our shipping containers, within which exists a vertical, multi-level, hydroponic agricultural system. Combining several of our shipping containers by stacking them upwards allows for our growing systems to be scaled up, and effectively providing even more space for successful plant growth.

Climate control

Traditional shipping containers are frequently the cause of several issues due to poor ventilation systems, inadequate insulation, and lack-luster heating and cooling systems, which drastically impairs healthy, vibrant crop growth. At Rooms 2 Grow, our shipping containers are designed and built with the harshest of outdoor environments in mind, from extreme heat to extreme cold, and everything in between. Only the highest of quality EPS foam R-32 insulation is installed within the floor, roof and walls of our shipping containers, which are assembled using air tight sealants in order to ensure protection from outside contaminants, and full and constant light and temperature control. Most traditional shipping containers available on the market today can be modified to accept standard heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems. Rooms 2 Grow employs only the most state-of-the-art and reliable “split” HVAC systems in our shipping containers, which allows residential and commercial growers to incorporate more than one growing method within their unit, and maintain different temperatures from area to area. Our shipping container’s HVAC system can be controlled on-site, or for added convenience from anywhere in the world using a remote thermostat. Rooms 2 Grow’s shipping containers are completely climate controlled, allowing for adaptability in the most extreme of exterior weather conditions, and providing a safe, long-term, self-contained and fully automated grow environment with constant and appropriate interior temperatures.

Structural integrity

Rooms 2 Grow's shipping containers are more structurally sound than standard shipping containers, which tend to be produced using sheets of rolled steel. Our shipping containers are manufactured from galvanized steel wall panels which are firmly welded to their rail and end frames. Only the highest quality door hinges are incorporated to allow for easy opening, and secure, air-tight closing. Rooms 2 Grow's shipping containers are far stronger than those of our competitors, and our superior structural engineering allows our shipping containers to be used even in environments that experience seismic activity.

Exclusive design

Shipping containers are designed to transport a wide range of items over their lifetime, including hazardous materials. When purchasing a traditional shipping container, you can never be certain what types of chemicals, radioactive substances, or other hazardous materials have leaked into its walls and floors. Rooms 2 Grow’s shipping containers are designed and manufactured exclusively for hydroponic agricultural system use, providing a stable, ultra-clean environment in which to grow exquisite crops of fresh, organic produce, tea, herbs, flowers, garden plants, microgreens and more! Our sterile shipping containers are also fully sealed to protect against outside contaminants such as mold, insects, parasites, pests, viral, bacterial or fungal diseases, and the effects that extreme weather conditions may have on your crops.

In addition to their more than adequate volume, superior climate control, advanced structural integrity, and exclusive design, Rooms 2 Grow's shipping containers also offer a variety of other features necessary for the growth of healthy, high-yield crops:

  • Security monitoring and alarms
  • Disability access
  • LED or HID lighting
  • Co2 enrichment systems
  • Fully-automated or stand-alone generator back up (diesel, fuel, propane or natural gas)

A terrific alternative to conventional outdoor agriculture, and to our grow rooms and greenhouse structures, Rooms 2 Grow's shipping containers can be promptly delivered to the destination of your choice. Our hydroponic agricultural system professionals are fully licensed and insured to setup our clients' locations. Our shipping containers provide year-round local and sustainable agriculture in any geographic location, regardless of climate. Our assembly process is quick and easy, allowing your durable shipping container to be up and growing in no time. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and configurations, and in both portable and permanent models, our modular shipping containers are suitable for small-scale personal home use, and large-scale commercial warehouse growing. If one of our pre-designed shipping containers doesn’t meet your unique needs, our agricultural system engineers can custom design and manufacture a shipping container for you.

To discover how the design and installation of one of Rooms 2 Grow's shipping containers can benefit your home or business, or to learn more about other horticultural systems that will allow you to grow outdoors, such as our greenhouse structures or grow rooms, please get in touch with our indoor and outdoor grow system professionals. Reduce your environmental footprint, and develop your own high-yield garden or farm within a Rooms 2 Grow shipping container!

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