For crops that experience duress when exposed to extreme climates (cold, rain etc.), a subterranean grow room may be just what you need. A subterranean grow room is very much like a greenhouse structure, but it’s sunken into the ground, with the earth around it forming its walls. The average natural air temperature within Rooms 2 Grow's subterranean grow rooms is between 55 to 60 degrees F (5 to 10 feet below the frost line), allowing crops to remain outside under powerful solar rays for longer than they would otherwise be able to in a chilly climate.

Rooms 2 Grow's subterranean grow rooms team is fully licensed and insured to setup in each of our clients' locations, and will provide an end product that will extend your growing season in an environment that is ideal for optimal, high-yield crop growth. Our ingenious method of designing and constructing subterranean grow rooms creates a permaculture for vigorous crop growth, and sustains all your growing needs year-round.

To learn more about our subterranean grow rooms, or our other agricultural system products such as greenhouse structures or shipping containers that will allow you to grow outdoors, please give our helpful staff a call.

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