Growing the healthiest and highest-yield crops of fruit, vegetables, teas, herbs, microgreens, garden plants, and flowers requires experience, as well as scientific knowledge. For the design and build of our outdoor and indoor hydroponic horticultural systems, Rooms 2 Grow uses only the most current leading-edge technology so that our residential and commercial customers can effectively monitor, measure and analyze various aspects of their crops. Our technology includes such advanced equipment as:

  • Room meters
  • Carbon dioxide measuring devices
  • Oxygen meters
  • Co2 data loggers
  • Parabolic anodization meters
  • Carbon monoxide measuring devices
  • Light spectrum meters
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Kilowatt meters
  • Sound meter data loggers
  • Brix meters
  • And more

Rooms 2 Grow's agricultural systems technology determines a vast array of important information necessary for vigorous crop growth. Measurement of temperature, electrical conductivity and pH levels of atmosphere, water and soil, full chemical analysis of soil nutrients, and other very useful technological data is what our clients depend on for the production of robust crops.

For further information on the technology that Rooms 2 Grow uses in the manufacturing of our hydroponic growing systems, or to learn more about our other value-added service capabilities, please contact our licensed and insured staff of agricultural system professionals.

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